The legacy of Bitotsav.

The path peters into a point, the crowd roars a crescendo, the stage is set and riding the welcoming rush, BITOTSAV is back in business. This is your dream destination, with cocktails of glamour, days of exploration, festive evenings and never ending nights. In its newest avatar at the head of the three decade old legacy. We bring back the dream, grander than before, greater than expectation and larger than life.

Engage your heads in a Pandora's Box of day events for your hearts already belong to the wild happening nights. Roam the vivid heart throbbing beauty of the campus with impunity, and let loose in the sinful grasp of nights which will hold your souls until the sun comes knocking.

In the annals of fests BITOTSAV has a registered panache. From the greatest of musicians, composers and artists weaving lyrical wonders on the stage, to the wild unholy chaos presided by the best of Sunburn DJs, the fest is a bubbling pot of circumstances. Some soulful, some sassy and all unforgettable.

The crowd knows of our coming in the soulful whispers of Mohit Chauhan, in the heedless headbangs to the tunes of Salim Sulaiman. In the whistles and claps for Local train. We roar with the crowd between the strumming beats of Parikrama and raise rowdy toasts in the fanciful frenzies of day events.

We roam with the roadies and debate right back with the best of MUNners. We are and we are loved.

Come indulge in fun, in highs of passion, in throes of glamour. Come indulge in BITOTSAV.

Believe When you See

To assess the quality of words, don't listen to the words, but watch their actions.


"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." --Helen Keller
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